Rent-a-Grinder: The RHINO - ( NewGrind, Inc. )

is compact, powerful and heavy duty.  Enabling it to be used in all grinding and polishing situations on all floors.

Our special tool plate’s feature magnetic quick release interface, for use with common trapezoid tooling.

Customizable tool articulation is achieved by simply choosing between two available densities of replaceable grommets, Allowing the RHINO to flatten or conform to any floor profile.

The multi – point articulating handle feature allows you to use The RHINO in tight areas, which is simply not possible with other machines.

Twin high volume stack type vacuum ports, ensures maximum particulate extraction in all situations.

Easily adjustable dust skirt

The RHINO’S recommended tool system features high technology German engineering.  Yielding superior results.

The RHINO’S unique symmetrical triple pin drive heads yield uniform tool plate articulation. 

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