Rent-a-Grinder Accessories: RhinoVac RV8 - ( NewGrind, Inc. )

Starting at $4795*.

We are happy to announce the release of Newgrind's NEW vacuum the RhinoVac RV8. The RhinoVac RV8 boasts the most innovative features available on any vacuum.

Features include:

  • 3 Micron hepa filter with vibrating filter cleaning feature
  • Variable speed CFM control
  • 220V Pass through power – Run your floor grinder from your vacuum
  • 110V GFI outlet for running hand grinder, lights, cell phone charges etc.
  • Additional 1.5″ vac inlet – So you can run your hand grinder at the same time!
  • Built in Cyclone pre separator – which catches up to 95% of dust!
  • Easy Transport – You can tilt back the vacuum like a hand truck and go up and down stairs & over rough terrain
  • Virtually indestructible Lexan dust bin
  • Unlike all other vacuums, the RhinoVac RV8 has dual phase capability (single & 3 phase) – No need to choose!
  • Built tough! Using welded diamond plate aluminum construction, makes this a lifetime vacuum!
  • Brushless bypass motor - rated for up to 5000 hours of service!!

You will be blown away by how Powerful yet Quiet the NewGrind RhinoVac RV8 is…

 CALL 888-350-0130 and ask for assistance on the Rent-a-Grinder program.

*-  110v - $4795 • 220v with pass through power - $4995



RhinoVac RV8